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Hello everyone from Europe!

I am the coordinator of the Organizing Committee of DCL Futsal Lisboa.

Do you remember the announcement of the Technical Director, Rosario, through a poster stating that the event had to be postponed? The Organizing Committee comes to say that it is official. The new dates are June 28 to July 3. Why did we have to postpone? As you already know, it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the world. We talked to DCL and the Lisbon City Council. As a result, we all agreed that the best decision was to postpone for your health, both clubs and teams. That way, the event will not be affected.

The new date is good for you because the weather will be good and there is the possibility to visit our country after the draw and between games. Our country, as said, is excellent for tourism. I hope you understand the time for the postponement.

Thank you all! I hope to receive you here.

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